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Quang Tien Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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locationNbizNoi Bai Industrial Zone (NBIZ) is the first foreign-owned industrial zone in Hanoi, Vietnam. NBIZ was established in 1994 with a total area of 100 hectares under Stage 1 and has recently launched a new Stage 2 consisting of 14 hectares of quality and strategic industrial lots. NBIZ is managed by Noi Bai Development Corporation Limited (NBD), a joint-venture company between Vista Spectrum (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation – UDIC (Vietnam).

NBIZ is located adjacent to Noi Bai International Airport (7km) and is conveniently linked by high way to Hanoi city centre (35km) and the ports of Hai Phong and Cai Lan (130km). A new highway is being built from NBIZ to Lau Cai, next to China.

With the ideal location, NBIZ attracted 40 foreign investors invested in NBIZ mostly from Japan, Thailand, USA, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and most recently France.



magazine      - Trusted Brand

      -  Very matured & established;  thus provides comfort & confident to investors & workers

      -  Ideal Location

      -  Next to airport, major highways to seaports & close to Hanoi City

      -  The next education hub for Hanoi; abundant supply of educated workers (technical & non-tech)

      -  Easy access to Yamaha, Honda, Daihatsu & Toyota, Canon, Piaggio, Samsung

      -  International Standards Infrastructures

      - Tenant-Centric Professional Management


recycleEnvironment & Safety

  • We assist our customers with overall project management, including making assessments of the various environmental issues that might arise. We prepare relevant planning documents and negotiate with local and government authorities. We help local authorities prepare planning material, and we act as a sounding board in complicated planning cases.

  • NBIZ is committed to protect the environment from pollution in our Park and to provide a safe working environment. We commit to comply with the environmental and occupational health and safety legal requirements.

  • NBIZ is committed to make continuous improvement in our work processes and environment to deliver the quality service to all our customers.

oldPower Supply

  • 110/20Kv onsite main intake sub-station to distribute 40 MVA of power within the Zone via 20Kv reticulation network, and many units of pole-mounted transformers (20Kv/415v/240V).

environment2Water Supply

  • Water pipe to each factory lot with the minimum required pressure.
  • 6.000m3/day and more.


  • 2000 telecommunication lines.
  • Telephone network via optical cable from Soc Son Exchange.
  • 24 hours worldwide service.


  • Platform is designed for 100 years flood level.
  • Has adequate drainage system, and no known flooding in Noi Bai area. 

pipe lineDomestic Waste/Sewage treatment

Modern mechanized domestic sewage treatment system utilizing biological treatment method.

Basic utilities such as electricity, water, sewage treatment, telecommunication systems are readily available and easily to link to the common and public areas.

The prepared industrial land parcels are leveled to a flat condition, and they are cleared of all encumbrances. The soil in the industrial park consists of hard yellow and white grayish clay soil. No settling of the soil is expected. This favorable land condition results in the minimal pilling and foundation requirements for the custom-build factories, thus reducing the cost and time required for their construction.


Scale of Development

asdNoi Bai Industrial Zone (NBIZ) covers an area of 100 hectares, and it being developed in two phases. Phases One (50 hectares), Phase Two (50 hectares) and it’s now fully occupancy. We are completing all the procedures on expanding more land for development NBIZ.

factoryLease Period

Up to the 2044.

office buildingFlexible Lot Sizes

Noi Bai IZ offers flexibility in accommodating various spaces needs and there is a choice of lot sizes ranging from 0.25 hectares (2,500m2) to 1 hectare (10,000 m2). Block of adjacent lots may be combined if a larger area is required.


  • Administration Building
  • Hawker Center
  • Shop lots for rent
  • Bank, ATM


traficRoads and Access

  • Internal: Two entrances into and two exits from the IZ. Well-planned road system within the Zone.
  • External: Access is via upgraded Soc Son Road (road 131) to National Road 3.


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